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Digital Campus

graphics At present, education and research incorporating information technology is progressing rapidly at Okubo Campus where the School of Science and Engineering and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering are located. Over 600 personal computers (Windows systems) and UNIX workstations are provided for students to use freely for course work as well as personal use.
There are a total of 5,000 computers including those in research offices and labs, respectively connected with a high-speed network. Here at the Okubo Campus, the Department of Science and Engineering has created a learning and research environment that can meet the needs of a digital societya space filled with creative energy where students are free to pursue infinite possibilities.


A 10 Gigabit Ethernet network links the campuses university-wide with a large-capacity optical communication network.
A several Gbps line is also provided for the fastest possible communication with sources outside the university. The system was designed for speed and reliability, incorporating appropriate firewall and network security systems.

graphics At several areas open to students, such as student lounges, there are network connections and wireless LAN (IEEE-802.11b) to which students can connect their personal laptop computers. Classrooms for network style learning, in which students can use laptop computers in class, are also available.

Upon enrolling in the university every student is given a personal email address known as "Waseda-net mail". Used for many purposes, such as submitting course work or contacting teaching staff and friends, this address becomes an indispensable part of student life. This email address is valid even after graduation for a lifetime use; mailing lists can also be maintained as valid after graduation.
Waseda-net Portal Site
Logging in to the Waseda-net Portal Site enables a user to use various types of services including Waseda-net mail service.registration, grades,job appllcations, career information searches. Additional services such as on-demand class functions, career building support information and physical examination report searches are planned to enhance student support
Web Site for Cellular Phones
The School of Science and Engineering offers "Web Site for Cellular Phones" using Internet functions in cellular phones. At this site, users can obtain the latest information such as notices to students, class cancellations, lecture schedules and computer room availability.
graphics Upon enrollment, students at the School of Science and Engineering are given a course in "Information Literacy" to learn the basics of computers. After learning computer etiquette necessary to use the network, the students practice using email and software applications such as word processing and spreadsheet applications. This course is offered to all freshmen.
The School also offers "Introduction to Information Technology", a course where students learn the individual applications of information management skills and theories that support information technology. For those students who wish to learn advanced computer applications, computer seminars are offered on website creation, programming and UNIX systems.

graphics The School of Science and Engineering (the Okubo Campus) is equipped with facilities to support visualization technology used for various creative activities involved in research and education and experimental data. Students can produce high quality video (computer graphics) and audio, using full digital non- linear editing systems and digital multi-recorders with digital image processing systems. These teaching and research materials can be stored in various forms of media.

Other facilities available include the systems for interactive distant lecture and conference via various networking communication systems such as the optical cable (the Nish-Wased-Toyama), CATV (the Okubo Campus), ISDN. sateIlite, etc

For the purpose of sharing the research information infrastructure, our school is connected to a network designated for academic research use called "Super SINET" which connects leading-edge research facilities with a super high-speed network, enabling gigabit-speed data transfer between research organizations such as research labs and other universities. Super SINET also allows users to conduct searches for theses and academic information from academic information databases and electronic journals.

Network Server Hosting Service
Mail, DNS, WW servers managed and used at each research office are generally exposed to the risks of illegal access due to remote access from outside the campus. The School of Science and Engineering offers a Network Server Hosting Service that uses a common server to provide server functions with secure access.


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